An Afternoon at the Flea Market

I don’t think there is quite a way to explain the experience of being at the Iowa Lakes Flea Markets. Other than to say, it’s kind of a like a carnival of coolness and crap.

Labor Day Weekend isn’t known for an amazing array of deals….because September is the end of the season but who knows? Perhaps the price has come down or the vendors are looking to load off their wares or you just decide you have to have a deal?

On an afternoon I wasn’t feeling particularly great (there was this insect bite or broken toe or something not worth getting into), Tyler and I went on a hot date to two of the three Flea Markets right before closing time. He’d already been to them all several times during the weekend. But I think he has fun showing me the crap just as I have fun being memorized by buttons and old doorknobs.

Here is the tale of that trip.

Dickinson County Fairgrounds

This market is less than a mile from our home. I don’t know if it’s the biggest, but it does cover quite a bit of ground. There are vendors inside the fairground building, as well as the barns and animal pens, plus right up on the gravel of the parking lot.

Ahhh…the start of the hunt.

A table outside in the lot. Tyler finds a lot of his tools by going through these seemingly unorganized piles.

Checking out a vendor inside a barn.

Tyler stopped and purchased a pork sundae. Yes, a pork sundae. It is pork, coleslaw, maybe a gravy?, and topped with a cherry tomato. Hahaha! Flea market food!

Ah, the missed opportunity. This beautiful Parlour Cabinet treadle sewing machine was for sale. It had all the parts, bobbins, needles and the original manual. I contemplated purchasing it. In fact, I went out the next morning to purchase it. And it had already been sold. That’s the flea market life folks…missing out on a great deal.

What Tyler purchased was this cast iron outdoor burner set. It’s pretty wicked looking. I don’t know what we’ll use it for. But I like it.

Boji Bantam Theater

Out on highway 86, near Wahpeton (which sounds like another town but really isn’t bc the Lakes Area is weird about their communities being named), was our other stop of the afternoon.

I saw nothing super amazing here, but did get a mango lemonade…because flea markets in Iowa have different flavors of lemonade, didn’t you know?

Once again, look at the old stuff! There was some beautiful furniture at this market, but I felt a little weird trying to take photos of it. So this is all I got.

Of course, by this time, I was really getting hyped up about the sewing machine and going back the next day…so I was also not totally focused. Oh Jenna, the first rule about the Flea Market is don’t walk away unless your good with losing an item. Lesson learned.

But it did end up being a lovely date with my acreage mountain man. ❤️❤️❤️

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