Flea Market Finds-Vices

Three times a year on holiday weekends, the Lakes Area welcomes the Flea Markets. Vendors set up in three locations for markets over Memorial Day, Independence Day and Labor Day.

This is where Tyler finds his wares. But, like any good antiquer, he doesn’t just go once. He usually attends several times throughout the weekend, in case new vendors show up or to check on items he has been eyeing.

Tools are excellent flea market finds, because they can be completely useable regards of outward appearance and save so much money. So much money guys. It’s crazy how much money can be saved.

On this trip, he went early on the first day open and found himself two vices. These two match a third vice not bought on this trip. However it was purchased at the same flea market, just a different weekend and year. But it’s not his complete vice collection, oh no, please enjoy the display of all of Tyler’s many vices.

The Colombian

The largest vice. This one was $45. A usual vice of this size can cost up to $500. These are better older than nowadays bc (like sewing machines) they are made entirely of cast iron. For example, this vice is so great because if you have a hot object, you can grip it easily without fear of burning yourself or the vice.

Middle Vice

Stover, MFG

This is the same as the previous vice. Or. The same kind rather. Both are used for sharpening hand saws. I’m not sure what more to add to that description? Did I mention that the purpose of a vice is to hold items? That’s their purpose.

Soft-Jaw Vice

Like you might imagine, this vice has soft jaws. Why do you need soft jaws? For delicate wood working projects. Or maybe not even delicate projects. But because you really don’t want to dent the wood.

Baby Vice

Literally, this is what he called it, a baby clamp on vice. I feel like this should be self-explanatory, but perhaps it isn’t? But obviously, sizing the vice to the object you are going to work on is helpful to avoid crushing delicate things.

Chain Style Pipe Vice (aka the red looking thing)

I didn’t realize this was actually a vice when Tyler attached it to the work bench. But you need a strange object like this one because it wraps around irregularly shaped items. What items needs a chain wrapped around it, you say? Well, like a metal tube, for example.

I think I may have left off some of the vices….on my iPhone they kind of meld together after a while. But, I would recommend getting your vices from a Flea Market. Plus, they have pork sundaes….yes!…pork sundaes. (Don’t worry picture and description coming soon)! You don’t wanna miss out on that stuff!

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