The Garage Door

We have a garage door on the house, but it doesn’t open. However, we do have a nice, beautiful, lovely, new garage door on the shed!

It’s white. You pull a string to close it.

I’m not sure what else to say about a garage door? Below is the track for the door.

When Tyler installed it, he had me come out to the shed to take some photos. But then it was…wobbly? Again, because the building is slightly askew, he kept messing with something on a ladder?

Truly, I was a little in la-la land (and I don’t mean LA or a musical where redheads dance in pretty yellow chiffon dresses with the sometimes dreamy Ryan Gossling). There was percussion camp and band camp and my head doesn’t quite work straight with all those rhythms, as well as all the asthma and allergy problems that accompany band camp.

But, here is a garage door.

You’ll notice I tried to just take photos of only the garage door. I’m trying not to give away the siding reveal. Perhaps in vain? Does anybody care about me revealing red siding? Anybody? Nope? Just me. Oh well.

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