Thrift Haul-This ‘n That Eclectics

About four times a year I pop into this unusual store in downtown Spirit Lake called This ‘n That Eclectics. This is not a sponsored post. I have no sponsors…ever.

Now, I call it an unusual store, because upon entering it appears that you are stepping into a little gifts and trinkets and housewares store. It’s one of many places around here where you can purchase signs that mention the Lake Life or how much women drink wine or a seasonal message of some sort.

But the real gems are hidden. This ‘n That is actually one hell of a thrift store, posing as a gift store. Upstairs they have men’s and children’s items. And in the very far back, where you may think you are headed to an employee only section, is a whole two rooms dedicated to women’s clothing.

I’ve found some ah-mazing deals back here on extremely high-end designer clothes. I’m talking Diane VonFurstenberg-type deals.

But they also have an array of mostly nice clothes from places like jcrew, banana republic, GAP, Ralph Lauren, BCBG and others.

While I don’t understand their pricing system (why can I buy designer clothes for $5 and some very cheap Maurice’s clothes for $12????), I do enjoy their color sales.

Each clothing item has a colored tag. Pink, yellow, white, green and blue. It doesn’t seem to relate to price or season or style or even type of clothing. But every so often, a specific colored tag will be 50% off.

On this trip, all yellow tags were 50% off.

Unfortunately, there were no big designer gets this go-around, but I did meet my goal of getting some lightweight tops. Five in fact, for $30. Which will all be super wearable for quite awhile, as we have numerous warm and even hot fall days ahead. (And my studio is Spencer is not air conditioned).

One of the things I don’t like about clothing, is that it so rarely fits my arms. But that is just the trouble with ready-made clothing. It fits a generic type of body, and most people don’t fit into those generic measurements. So, as I believe I mentioned on the other blog, I struggle with tops fitting both my tiny waist and my larger shoulders and arms.

Wow. Do I really need this much of a backstory for a five shirt thrift haul? Geez, Jenna, get on with it already.

Jumping ahead, the point is I like a dolman top. Those are the kind of top with super loose sleeves. And similarity, I like a light cotton or lace top with flowy sleeves. And I was able to find some tops with roomy sleeves.

White Cotton 3/4 Sleeve

This is my go-to type of shirt. With the button-up style, it’s super easy to tie it up to shorten it or tuck in into a skirt with a belt. Once again, I hate these buttons. But I think I have these small brass ones to replace them. Or maybe a white or black flat button?

Nude Lace Top with Undershirt

Now when I say “nude” I don’t mean my skin color. My skin color is a very, very light pink. So this is actual quite like a tan top on me, almost brown. It would be nude on almost anyone else. Lace can be tricky, because it can pull and look distorted, but this shirt is structured with the netting in between, so it doesn’t cling. This was the one item that was not a yellow tag sale. (It was a pink tag), but it was in such great shape, I couldn’t pass it up. Ironically, the tank underneath did not come with this top, and is a different brand and a different size all together, but was also for sale on a different rack. Super glad they were a match!

Black and White Cropped Dolman

This is the classic dolman top. See how the arm-pits are super low, practically attached to the hem on the waist? It’s such a comfortable style. This style is very classy with wide leg pants and pencil skirts.

Black Doman with Elastic Waist

So the sleeves on this top are a little shorter, but I really liked that it has an elastic around the waist creating almost a peplum effect along the bottom. It’s a simple jersey-knit, so it hangs nicely and is opaque.

Ivory, Mock Neck, Lace Dolman

Okay, this is pushing the dolman term a little bit, I’m aware. The sleeves here don’t flutter out, but become an actual sleeve. However, the arm-pit area is loose and relaxed. And a mock-neck can be a bit 1980s….ummm…dork…I guess? But the lace on the back that peaks around on the shoulders I thought gave it some more visual interest. It’s also a nice soft cotton/jersey blend. So it will be comfortable. It is not opaque, however, so I will need a tank underneath.

Alright. There it is folks. My second thrift-haul post. I hope my clothing photos are getting a bit better. And when you see me out and about looking fly, you will now know that the majority of my clothes cost $5 or less. You can totally look this fly too. 😆

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