Painting the Siding

Back in 2014, when I painted the Hardie Board that covers the house, I managed to cover myself in just as much paint as the siding boards. I did not paint any of the siding for the shed. Naturally, the siding looks so much nicer on there then the house.

But what Tyler is doing, is painting a few boards at a time. Then putting them up on the shed.

It’s been tricky. Yes, because he had to plan out a gradual rise in the siding to cover the different heights of the walls. And, yes, there’s moving the scaffolding in and out of the way. But mainly, the trickiness has been band camp. Although you, dear reader, are reading this just as the school year is picking up steam, the majority of this work has been happening before, during and after band camp-this glorious two weeks most instrumental musicians remember about their time in marching band.

In essence, I’ve been trying to stall on these posts. Because I think the reveal of the whole sided shed is much more exciting and neat then eight posts of half walls and partial pieces. (Which is what happened with the house siding posts).

Not to shock anyone, but Tyler hasn’t had a drip or drop of paint on him. Or on the grass. Or on the dog. Just on the siding.

So….yep. One of us is a much better painter then the other. And one of us is very happy to not be painting siding .

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