The New Large Tool

Like many people on acreages, we have a gravel driveway. Unlike many people on acreages, our gravel driveway isn’t extra long or winding. It does, however, have a tendency to flood.

The whole property has low spots. And one of Tyler’s goals is to even out the land a bit to avoid some of the flooding and massive puddles and mud traps that become our yard in the spring and fall. And sometimes summer and winter. (Go Iowa weather!)

But with the winter storms we had this spring (March-April), things got a bit sticky. With our uneven gravel driveway, there were several times both of our vehicles (a pickup and a Prius) got stuck in the driveway.

So when a deal came around, Tyler purchased this really big and crazy looking tool to help level the driveway.

He had to use the tractor to lift the tool out of his pickup.

Then the actual tool is attached to the back of the tractor in order to do its job.

What we need is some more gravel (or maybe dirt? I don’t know what is best) to fill in the holes to help pack down the mess that is our driveway and then the large yellow tool can smooth it all nice and neat.

It certainly made for nice driving the first few days. In the Prius, I didn’t feel like I was bouncing through a field of pot holes. Gus enjoyed his rides in the car better too! 😉

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