Soffits and Facia Take Two

Before this whole house restoration process I had never heard these two words before. And since the house project…well, I find the soffits and facia of a house to be a fascinating feature. One I enjoy looking especially close at whenever I see a new house or building.

If you do not recall, these two parts are located on the outside of a house/building. It’s where the roof meets the walls. There is this little piece of trim type board, called the facia. The face of the building you might say (that’s how I remember which is which). And then the part underneath the facia to fill in the gap where the roof overhangs, the soffit.

While it appeared that, on the shed, this process might go more smoothly (and indeed it was faster than the house merely because of the size difference), the shed also is somewhat wonky.

So, despite T straightening out the building, and because he didn’t completely rebuild the walls or tear the whole roof apart, he has discovered that the walls are not an even height. In fact, in one spot one side of the wall is a full two inches taller than the other.

He just can’t do anything the easy way, can he?

So in some spots, the facia waves a little bit. Which bothers him. It like, bothers him a lot. He says he’ll put a gutter along the walls to hide the wave, but I did attempt to take a photo of it to commemorate his irritation with things not being set right. See waviness below as evidenced by a strange looking drip edge.

Regardless of the troubles with the shed, he not only got the facia and soffit up by himself (thanks goodness-do you all recall when I tried to help on the house with the soffit? Tears, lots and lots of tears.), but also tar papered the house in conjunction.

I don’t think anyone could possibly tell this was an old falling down shed! It looks like he built a nice, new building!

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