Another One Bites the Dust

I almost feel like this should be a reoccurring special blog segment. It doesn’t actually feel like we have that many trees on our property. There are quite large, wide open spaces. Yet, it also seems like we have an unending amount of trees that fall down, or yard work that needs to be done involving trees and branches.

This one could have been a disaster. It happened right by the shed, at the edge of the grove area. Fortunately though, it happened late at night and while I was out of town. So T was taking Gus out for a potty break and not working on the shed. (Hmmm…it seems like I’m always out of town, but I’ve only been out of town twice. It just so happens that a lot of all of this stuff seems to center around the two absences I’ve had this summer).

So…there’s that. Another one bites the dust. Let the cleanup begin!

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