Four Windows

One late morning, while I was sewing buttons, there was a knock at the door. Gus practically flew down the stairs, barking his warning to the knocker to stay away, I protect this house! It was the four windows Tyler had ordered for the shed. And so began the quickest window installation I had ever seen him do!

First, in order to run his tools, Tyler picked up the air compressor with his tractor and moved it to the shed. If you remember, the air compressor was one of our very first purchases for the house, and had spent the last four years in the garage.

Then, he began installing windows. He did all four in ONE DAY! I was out and about seeing my parents (who were wrapping up their visit) and prepping for a fundraiser for the next week. So I have no idea what the process entailed. But he has explained how to install a window before.

Let me see if I can guess though (with all my window knowledge).

I bet Tyler pulled out some boards. Placed the window. Shimmed it. Tar-papered it and used that gorilla tape on it to help with the seal. He probably nailed it too.

The shed, without windows, was nearing a horror-movie level of interior darkness. So I’m glad there’s a bit of light back inside.

The shed looks more house like every day! A very cozy home for the tractor!

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