A Fine Collection

Naive little old me never really realized that hammers have all different shapes and sizes. What we all traditionally think of as a hammer…with the rounded front part for hitting nails and the split back for pulling nails…that is actually just one type of hammer, a finishing hammer.

But what a boring world it would be if we only had that style.

Another thing I never knew about hammers before marrying Tyler and being at the homestead, was that many people put their own handles on hammers. Often, you just buy the steel head and either craft or purchase the handle.

Sound laborious? It’s right up Tyler’s alley. I think I get the appeal. Just like sewing on new buttons or reinforcing old buttons, putting a handle on a hammer is a complete mini-project.

Where does one acquire the heads of hammers? Flea markets! Antique stores! Even your neighbor’s yard!

His most recent additions to his collection were indeed from the latter; with permission of course.

To show you the size, here are the two recently acquired old hammer heads, next to a ball peen hammer. (Totally thought that was a ball pin hammer. Thank goodness for the internet).

While not the actual handles for said hammer heads, these are some handles he recently put together. There are different lengths for the different amount of force used, size of the head, and probably something to do with calculus or engineering or other measuring mathematic that I don’t do well with.

Doesn’t it just look so rustic and bad ass up close? (I’ve been away for a few days…perhaps being a little homesick for Tyler and the Gus pup has made me even more affectionate for the quietness of the homestead and all that it entails…hammers included).

Even before we had the acreage, Tyler would bring in projects at night to work on while watching a movie. Most times it would involve sharpening his planes (hmmm…another blog post idea Tyler?), but sometimes it involved working on creating and attaching the handle of a type of hammer, axe, or other giant bludgeoning object.

I’m sure there are many more hammers in our future, to add to the growing collection.

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