Light Shades

If you didn’t know, everything about houses is expensive. And since vintage and retro styles are en Vogue right now, prices for these styles of items have gone up. Tyler spent a lot of time trying to find a good, classic glass shade for the main floor.

We have sconces, as it’s more period appropriate and I personally don’t like overhead lighting (sensitive eyes). Tyler likes continuity, so the decision about the lighting downstairs was influenced by what we put upstairs. A type of “flow” through the house, one might say. The bases for the lights are a bronze metal and that matches the upstairs lights. But we went with a different shade downstairs.

In this case, a square, frosted, lightly fluted shade. I am not very good at interior design (just keeping things organized), but T has a good eye for all of that.

With this shade style, he feels the dining room light (which will be an overhead light), could match easily and not lock us into a specific shape. I see his point, but my visualization skills are lacking.

What I like is that they are simple and classic.

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