I’ve had some questions…wait…strike that. I’ve had ONE question from my parents about the posting schedule of the blog.

You see, they live out of state, but came to Iowa for a vacation and were confused as to why my blog posts were so far behind what they were seeing happen at the actual homestead.

Well, you see, in order to keep to a posting schedule for a time when things get super busy or money is being saved for a continuing project, I thought it would be best to have a dedicated posting day. Otherwise, I might post four times one week and then nothing for the next three.

The other thing delayed posting allows is for Tyler to complete a full project and me to post the completed project. He has to jump around with what he works on frequently, and now I can save up photos and information to walk all the way through what he is working on!

But back to today’s post.

That circular window that was a steal? When I first starting taking pictures of it as Tyler prepped the shed, the look felt very familiar but I didn’t know why.

Then Tyler tar-papered the front of the shed and so realized it made the shed look like a boat!

I don’t have many photos of this project…the bugs, the incessant heat, and my getting ready for an event made me stay away from outside.

But lest you wondered how a circular window would work in a shed, now you have photographic proof of how amazing it looks.

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