Thrift Haul-Spencer Community Theatre

There’s been some feedback about interest in some of the deals Tyler and I hunt for second-hand, so I thought I’d start a new category to supplement the Sunday house updates. So, let’s see how this goes? This haul was the ultimate in good buys! The Spencer Community Theatre (Spencer, IA) was getting rid of extra costumes and vintage pieces and I was in heaven. (Most of my second-hand purchases are related to clothing and household items. So if you are more of a house-reno person, this might not be the post for you).

Tons of styles and time-periods of dresses, suits, coats, shoes, skirts and ladies hats.

With my newfound confidence about sewing (perhaps displaced), I knew I could fix the little issues that some vintage clothes possess. And, since everything I bought was only TWO DOLLARS, even if I messed something up, it’s not like it was a terribly large investment. Seriously. I only spent $14 total!

So here are the photos, with my plans for little fixes. Not quite so great at photographing clothes…sorry about that. And, I used a Victorian-style wicker dress form which made for weird proportions. (I’m hoping to get a real dress form for my birthday, so I will be better able to pin hems).

Green 1980s Heavy-Cotton Dress

So this is an 80s does 40s style dress. It has pockets and falls mid-calf. The buttons are actually on pretty well. There are some serious shoulder pads I plan on removing and I’ll be wearing a brown weave belt instead (most likely), to tone down the 80s-ness of it.

1960s Brown Tweed Wool Dress

This dress is WARM! Which will be great for winter. It also has pockets and the buttons are solid (and so many! Yeah!). One issue is that the top isn’t lined, so it’s scratchy on my arms. But I figure I’ll wear a long sleeve underneath to avoid the wool-itch, which won’t be a problem since I plan on wearing it in below freezing weather.

1970s Pale Pink Polyester Two-Piece

Classic 70s ensemble. This is pretty see-through, so a slip is essential. The skirt is way too long though. And I plan on hemming it quite a bit to be just below the knee. This will be a big challenge for me, so I hope it goes alright.

1940s Olive Green Dress

So this is one of two dresses that isn’t in the best of shape. It is, I believe, an unlined costume, not a vintage dress. It has these pleats along the front, the hem has pulled out in the back and I still haven’t gotten the wrinkles out despite steaming it a bunch. It is, however, made of a comfortable stretchy material and super light weight. Perfect for summer teaching.

1940s Black and White Stripe Button-Up

This dress is in super rough shape. But I couldn’t say no. I mean, $2, why not? The buttons are super loose, there are holes and even several dark stains. And yet…add a nice cardigan…maybe?

1970s Plaid Wool Skirt

Alright this was a steal. Seaming is good and so is the hem. And it’s already been altered by adding multiple eye and hook closures along the waist, so I’ll be able to make it smaller and larger throughout the day. A great winter addition.

1990s Maxi Skirt

This is a bit of a 90s does 70s style skirt. It has pockets, and elastic waist and a tie around the waist (excellent for changing size throughout the day as well). The buttons are falling off of this one, but actually, I think I will replace the buttons. I’ll be hunting for something in a gold, bronze or silver. Since it’s an early 90s skirt, the buttons are very small, so vintage buttons likely won’t work for the button holes. But if I could find a blue or white colored ceramic with a metal detail, that would also work really nicely.

And that’s my haul. Eight individual pieces for $14. Thanks Spencer Community Theatre!

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