The $500 Window, for $50.

While at the flea market recently, Tyler and I were chatting about the types of people who go to flea markets and antique fairs. There are a few different types.There are those who just enjoy being out and about and looking at all the little trinkets, no plans to buy anything in particular. There are collectors, who prize rare items in pristine condition that they will purchase for their home collection or in hopes to turn around and make a buck on them someday. And then there are the deal-finders. People who are legitimately looking for items they intend on using until they fall apart; and go in order to find a deal they couldn’t get in a store.

Guess which camp we fall into?

Tyler relishes a good deal. He got a deal on our Anderson French doors and the door handles. He got a deal on our real wood floor. And recently, he got a deal on this strange little circular window.

I can’t exactly remember the deal with the window, but it’s a fancy round window that had been sitting at the lumber store for a very long time. So it had been severely marked down in price. Tyler decided to buy it, to add as an interesting piece to the shed. Plus, a circular window poses some creative challenges and Tyler enjoys a creative challenge.

But unusual shaped windows usually end up costing quite a bit of money, because you need a casing, etc, with specific measurements.

Not to be deterred, Tyler made his own casing. He used some old tool (which he mentioned he thought was about 100 years old) to make the measurements around the window. Then he cut down cedar pieces (by the way, how wonderful does cedar smell? Soooooo gooood!).

After which he had to glue the pieces together, I believe sand them…maybe…and then paint the piece.

A specialized circular window that (once a casing would have been ordered custom) would have cost $500. (Tyler looked it up). And he spent a total of $50 for the window, and the materials to make the casing.

Quite the deal!

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