Kitchen Cabinet Preparedness

One rainy day, Tyler came up to me and said he would need my help with the transom* for prep work for the kitchen cabinets. *Edit-A transom is a thing, but not the thing that helps you make measurements. What I should have written was transit. But is anybody really surprised I messed that up?

I don’t know if I groaned out loud, but I sure did groan internally. Did he not learn from the transit incident with the wainscoting?

No, no. No reason to get extra excited here. There are no cabinets to show you. But, for reasons I’m sure I will butcher explaining, the prep for the kitchen cabinets needed to be done now.

As you may recall, Tyler has been putting down the floor in the living area of the main floor of the house. In order to plan out how far to place the floor and work around where the tile will be, he needed to section off the spots for the kitchen cabinets.

Once again, owning an old house made the process a hoot. In that, hoots come from owls who like to tear apart their screaming prey.

Our floors are uneven. Yes, Tyler did jack up the floors (literally, with a jack thingy) and add new beams to level the floor. However, the exterior walls of the house (which rest on the giant rock foundation in the basement) are set…in…stone. Ha. So, nothing can be done for the unevenness in the outside walls, unless maybe we raised the whole house and built and entirely new basement. Not gonna happen.

So the floors in the main four-square slope down. Quite a bit it seems.

If Tyler were making cabinets for a sloping floor, he would have to shim and adjust each cabinet individually so that the counter tops were level. (I imagine lemons rolling off the countertops whenever I think of this…I don’t know why…I don’t buy lemons that often). So, he decided to do the rough work now.

Taking screws and placing them in spots throughout the floor, he used the transit to measure their height to level them all. Each screw could be raised or lowered as needed, and then he built a base to set on said screws that would make an even surface.

This way, he can build totally normal kitchen cabinets.

Unfortunately, since my vision is awful, I was the one raising and lowering the screws while Tyler did the measurements. Anyone have a good mental picture as to how that went? At one point, as I lamented how ridiculous it was that he asked for my help, he admitted he didn’t really have any other options. I did cede that point. I mean, was Gus gonna help him adjust the screws?

After a strained hour or so, the screws were all placed. Tyler then built the bases and installed them so he would have his floor layout sectioned off for working on laying the wood floor.

And then he even put our temporary counter top on top of the bases and for the first time ever, I’ve had a regulation height and level countertop. Feels like a HUGE upgrade. I’m pretty stoked about the whole thing.

I mean, who needs cabinets when you have a level surface for cutting? Luxuries I tell you.

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