Our Little Porch

This is one of the most exciting house items that has happened in recent days. The little porch is finished!

The Porch as Tyler began working on it.

Also, welcome to the new blog site! In these posts, I will add links to posts mentioned in the original In Sound Health blog, in case you would like a refresher as to which projects relate to which other projects. You’ll notice these links because words within the blog are of a different color. This may be totally self-explanatory, but in case my 93-year old grandmother ever decided to get into reading blogs and the internet and computers; it might be good to have the extra information.

If you recall, the original house had a small concrete step walking out into the south side of the property. This is what is connected to the “addition” of the original four square.

The planks for the base of the porch.

What Tyler has done, is to turn that into a little porch that will…eventually….lead out to my clothes line for drying laundry in the hot Iowa sun (is there anything better than the smell of clean sheets dried out doors? I think not!).

Close up of the finished deck.

The steps to finishing the porch involved pouring the concrete footings (in these cool cylindrical cones), framing the deck, and building the portico. All of this part of the process was done in previous years.

Getting closer!

In May and June, Tyler added the wooden slats, built the roof under the portico, set up the light fixture, attached wood to the framing, and wrapped the wooden columns into actual columns. He also had quite a bit of painting to do.

The porch light attached to the completed and painted ceiling.

The only parts missing here is the sign that will eventually fill that triangle-type spot. And build a step (possibly in concrete-this has not been decided). No timeline on that I’m afraid. But myself and Gus are young and spry enough to get up on the porch sans steps.

The completed porch! Nice looking columns, aren’t they?

I’ve already been super grateful to have this porch. It makes it much easier to get the scraps out to the compost. And I can sit on it and throw the ball for Gus while still remaining in the shade (and avoiding the evil sun against my ghost-like skin.

Excellent job Tyler. Excellent job.

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